Our main focus is to empower women so much so that they can participate not only in the decision making process but in the planning and execution too.We have worked in the direction of dissemination of information and capacity building .At present our main focus is to associate common people with the Panchayati Raj institutions Gram Sabhas and village Panchayats which are the real institutions of Peoples democracy.Human rights and democracy are mutually supportive,one of the important advancements of 20th century was the recognition of democracy as preeminently acceptable form of governance .Importance of gender balance in local work and importance of networking and association building are the key words.Low crime rate is one of the touchstones of a stable and civilized society.Centre DIRECT is working as a catalyst between all sections of the society in empowering women and to mainstream innovative initiatives through SHG’s and advocacy to bring about desired change in women adolescent and children.


General Secretary,Centre DIRECT


​Centre DIRECT envisages empowered  women and   adolescent children who can contribute in the development of the nation. Centre DIRECT envisages an organisation  and just society where empowered  women and adolescents live healthy life. Centre DIRECT envisages an organization for diffusion of useful knowledge with emphasis on human resource and social development.


To enhance women's ând adolescent's social status by empowering them to gain control over their own health ​and development concerns.


To support and strengthen the capacities  to implement and manage effective health and development programmes by providing capacity building training, education and vocational training. ​


Focus on awareness raising sensitizing the community, capacity building, developing and disseminating education​,training advocacy issues related with women and adolescent through SHGs.​


Executive Message

Our organizations work has changed lives of rural women and adolescent girls specially to the youth.We have formed a large number of Self Help groups and it has changed their lives. Now they are self dependent they are engaged in employment activities. Age of marriage of girls in the areas in which we are working is  increased At some places girls has refused for marriage. Organisation has formed a large numbers of self Help  Groups in each of our working areas

  • Women and youth are demanding to ensure education and health for their children.
  • Women and youth have become self dependent
  • Women and youth are being engaged in income generation activities
  • Self confidence has increased among the women
  • Participation of women in Gram Sabha and they are demanding to organize gram sabha regularly
  • Many women got elected in panchayat election
  • Women and youth PRI's are taking interest in their work
  • Participation of women in Gram Sabha and they are demanding to organize gram sabha regularly